Accident pilot/passengers

This is an accident insurance that covers both the pilots and passengers.

We offer accident insurance for private and commercial pilots, provided that the pilot's aircraft is insured with us. The insurance can be taken out for the pilot alone or for pilots and passengers together. It is not bound to specifically named passengers but covers people who are flying with the pilot in the event of an accident.

For optimal coverage, the accident insurance is based on your individual needs and we can customize a solution just the way you want it. Together we find an appropriate amount and relevant coverage areas, where the scope is limited to the selected insurance amount.

Our accident insurance offers broad coverage and here is a list of the areas that are included:
•    Death and invalidity as a result of the accident
•    Medical costs as a direct consequence of the accident
•    Treatment costs for injuries caused by the accident
•    Transportation expenses from the accident site
•    Recovery after the accident
•    Illness as a direct consequence of the accident
•    The pilot's occupational disability, temporarily or permanently
•    Dental injures as a direct consequence of the accident
•    Crisis care after the accident
If you have individual requests that are required in addition to the typical cover for accident insurance for pilots, we can discuss those. In addition to a physical accident with the aircraft, when pilots and passengers are injured, an accident can be broader, for example, a pilot reported missing with his aircraft or a hijacking. 

Whether you are flying privately or in a professional context, accident insurance is valid 24 hours a day in Europe. However, with some limitations. If you as a pilot have taken alcohol or narcotics in the period up tol the flight and during the flight then the insurance will not cover accidents. If the aircraft is used in connection with a criminal act then it is not covered by the insurance. War, radioactive emissions, toxic explosions, suicide and attempted suicide are also not covered by accident insurance for the pilot.

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