Increase membership benefits in your organization/association


Strong membership benefits are important for a valuable membership. Membership benefits, value base and easy management are key words in our collaboration with our customers in organizations/associations.

Collective purchasing power

As part of creating added value and membership benefit, we offer the PLUS benfeits concept, which, in addition to attractive prices, saves time for the user when purchasing for many industries and purchasing areas. The more customers we connect the stronger the concept becomes and the better benefits we can offer.

The PLUS concept is available at three levels

We have chosen to work with one of the market's strongest players (Visma Advantage) within benefits and discounts to guarantee our customers the absolute best terms and conditions. PLUS is responsible for marketing, information, procurement, administration and support for the purchasing portal. Thanks to the large purchasing volume, there are few that can match what PLUS offers. The PLUS concept is available at three levels for membership organizations and companies:
•    PLUS Start – can only be offered collectively to everyone in the organization, includes the 7 most widely used benefit contracts.
•    PLUS Bas - Includes about 20 benfit contracts in the purchasing portal
•    PLUS Exclusive - offers our full range of promotions with more than 55 benefit contracts

What does it cost to connect to PLUS?

Given that members and employees in the member company can save money in so many areas, we dare to claim that the savings will pay for the connection costs very quickly. How much each member/company saves, of course, depends on how much they use PLUS, but often our favourable fuel contract to calculate home connection costs is enough.

We offer PLUS to our insurance customers, but also as a stand-alone product.

We offer PLUS either collectively or individually. In a collective connection, the association/organization decides if PLUS is offered to all its member companies. In an individual connection model, it is up to each member company to make a decision regarding connection to PLUS. 

More benefits

The PLUS portal with all its offers is easily accessed with a single login. If you need help getting started quickly and are logged in, you will immediately get an overview of current offers. In short, PLUS is the leading concept on the market. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to tell you about our industry and value creation concept.

Test PLUS-demo

Here you can click around in the shopping portal, welcome!
Enter the password "demoadekvat". Then choose which profile you want to login to, Plus Start, Plus Basic or Plus Exclusive.
See also our partner's video about the purchasing portal.

Play the video to see how it works.