Motor Vehicle Insurance

We offer insurance solutions for vehicle fleets consisting of both passenger cars and other professional traffic. Primarily we offer our customers connection to our co-purchased motor vehicle pool, (link to "Facts, supervision & law", Insurance pools) but we can also offer tailor-made insurance solutions for large vehicle fleets, floating insurance, cart damage guarantees etc.

Commercial traffic
Insurance programs for truck and taxi companies, bus companies, construction companies etc.

Vehicle rental
Insurance program for car hire companies' fleet and insurance offer for car rental customers.

Insurance programs and custom insurance offers for financial companies' customers.

Groups and companies
Insurance programs for individual major groups, as well as national and international companies' fleets.

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Åsa Egonson 
Phone: (+46) 470 – 70 40 50

Fredrik Ottosson
Phone: (+46) 70 - 300 98 29