Hangar/aircraft workshop

This is an insurance solution for a hangar or aircraft workshop, which can be taken out together or separately.

We can offer a tailor-made insurance solution for hangars and aircraft workshops, based on parameters such as square metres, capacity, type of aircraft that are being stored/serviced, etc. Our insurance policies for hangars and aircraft workshops can be taken out together or separately. 

Hangar insurance covers liability for the premises, storage and products. Premises liability covers visitors in the hangar and anything they may have with them. Storage liability covers liability for other people’s aircraft while they are in your care regardless of whether the aircraft is in for storage, service or repair. Product liability covers your liability for services you have performed, even after the aircraft has left the hangar.

Insurance for aircraft workshops covers liability for handling and processing as well as product liability, subject to compliance with applicable regulations. Liability insurance for handling and processing covers, for example, damage to your customers' aircraft. The insurance applies to the professionally performed repairs and products you use in your workshop for which you are responsible.

Together we review your pattern of use and find a solution that suits just your needs. In order to find the best solution, we will review information about your hangar and/or your aircraft workshop. We want to know the size, age and condition of the building, geographical location and distance to other buildings. Type and number of aircraft antal that can be stored and repaired are also important details to consider, as well as the number of employees and visitors. 

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