This is a specifically adapted insurance solution for helicopter pilots. 

The unique flexibility of a helicopter and all its areas of use place specific demands on your insurance. Whatever the purpose of the flight, whether it is for the transportation of people or cargo, for search and rescue operations or flights with hanging cargo, we can customize a solution just for you. Our solutions cover most types of approved helicopter models, that take up to 8 passengers.

As with all types of aviation insurance, it is important that your helicopter insurance really suits your needs, whether you fly privately or commercially. We also take into account the helicopter size and model and area of use when we work with you to put together your insurance solution. To be able to offer you a thoroughly tailor-made insurance solution, we also review your experience as a pilot, the helicopter's maximum take off weight, what seasons you fly and other details.

A prerequisite for this kind of insurance, which applies to use throughout Europe, is that your helicopter is registered and approved. For all our customers, we offer a bonus for aviation without damage or injury and as an introductory offer you will receive a special bonus in the first year on your hull insurance premium. 

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