Flying school /aircraft fleet

This insurance solution is aimed at those who own several aircraft or who run a flying school.

To take out this insurance, your flying school must have official approval to train pilots for private or commercial certificates. Our insurance effectively covers all approved aircraft types, for example, motor aircraft, helicopters, gliders, hot air balloons, gliders and UL aircraft. An aircraft fleet is defined as several aircraft with the same owner and may be insured together in one policy 

As the owner of several aircraft you are responsible for potential damage/injury caused by the aircraft to third parties and for self-inflicted damage. Responsibility applies both to injury to people and to damage to property outside the aircraft. Together we review your usage pattern and find a solution that suits just you and your fleet, regardless of whether it is the statutory liability insurance, full hull insurance, full accident insurance or any other specially adapted policy.

Before the insurance policy is concluded, we will review your conditions for the area of use, such as the aircraft type, make, registration number, model year, number of passengers and so on. We will also document your home base, which geographic areas the aircraft operates over and the number of flying hours and periods the aircraft is on the ground. 

A prerequisite for this kind of insurance is that your aircraft are registered and approved. For all our customers, we offer a bonus for aviation without damage and as an introductory offer you will receive a special bonus in the first year on your hull insurance premium. 

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