Property and business interruption insurance

The risk of property damage and business interruptions are usually key parts of our customers' insurance needs. Designing customized insurance protection for property and business interruption losses requires skill and experience to understand how to adequately protect the business through property and business interruption insurance in an adequate manner. We work in a team with risk engineers and customer managers to get to know the customer's business and identify the customer's risks.

Our commitment, understanding and interest in our customer operations and risks lead to individually tailored and cost-effective insurance solutions. Property and business interruption insurance often represents the major part of the premium cost and is therefore of high priority to our customers. In order to achieve a cost effective premium level, we work proactively with risk management, monitoring of injury and damage, monitoring of new insurance markets, premium development, and comparisons of premium levels within the customer's industry. Through our customers' combined purchasing power, we can negotiate competitive premiums on behalf of our customers.

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