Seaplanes are becoming increasingly popular, float planes and amphibious aircraft alike. We insure all types of seaplane.

The big difference between seaplanes and other types of aircraft is that you start and land wherever there is water. With a moving runway, and other special conditions that a seaplane is exposed to, it is important that your insurance is tailored to just your pattern of use. 

In order to offer you tailor-made insurance for your seaplane, we therefore need to know exactly which model you fly, whether you are fly privately or in a professional context, with or without passengers, or as a hobby and other important details. For example, if you store your seaplane on the ground for long periods, we will take that into account when we calculate your insurance premium.

Our goal is that your insurance should match your needs, just the way you want it. In addition to the statutory liability insurance, we offer a hull insurance that covers your entire seaplane. Insurance policies are valid throughout Europe.

A prerequisite for this kind of insurance, which applies to use throughout Europe, is that your seaplane is registered and of an approved type.

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