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Optimal Advice is an independent pension and insurance advisor that mediates insurance. We offer advice on contractual construction, policy work and insurance procurement. In addition, we can assist you with administrative services and system resources that facilitate the management of pensions and insurance. We also offer individual advice to your employees.

As an insurance intermediary, we have chosen to base our advice and services on the analysis of a limited number of options. In practice, this means that we analyze and compare the 10 largest and most frequently used insurance companies in Sweden.

We do not have any insurance products, funds or investment solutions of our own. Without regard to product and supplier interests, we list the best and most effective products and services for you and your situation. We think this makes us a stronger alternative than individual insurance companies, banks or other players with their own products. The benefit for you is that you can really get the best from each given area. Many insurance companies are good at a lot - but none of them are best at everything.

Optimal Advice has further enhanced the intermediary role by providing clear and transparent forms of cooperation for our clients as well as offering specialist knowledge in all areas of strategic HR, including: group and leadership development, recruitment and executive searching, lectures, coaching and workshops. 

We quite simply have services adapted to make everything as good and easy as possible for our customer companies and their most important resource - their personnel.

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Måns Jadenbrink
VD Optimal Advice AB
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