Trade credit insurance

Credit insurance protects your company against credit losses on exports and domestic sales. A customer loss is costly for anyone who is affected, therefore credit insurance can be a good and cost effective way to reduce the risk of customer losses. The cost of the insurance is usually a few per cent of the company's sales. 

Another important advantage of credit insurance is that you gain access to expert knowledge in credit assessment regardless of market or geography. The insurance can also include political risk.

We will help you to develop a contract tailored to your needs and requirements, whether you are a major international corporation or a small company. We also look at how administration works and provide advice about how administrative work can be minimized.

We have specialist competence with many years of experience in this field. Our risk analysis is specifically designed to provide a risk profile that complies with your other risk profiles, we procure and negotiate terms and conditions for the insurance. We continuously monitor risk appetites at companies and our procurements are governed by solutions being cost-effective and adaptable to business.


Entrepreneurs and suppliers are often faced with the requirement to provide security for their contractual obligations. Contract Warranty is one such security and is usually issued as a surety. There is no difference between the legal instrument issued by the insurance company or by a Swedish bank.

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