Cyber insurance

How vulnerable are you and your company for cyber risks?  The rapid development in IT entails completely new risk exposures that are not covered by traditional property and liability insurance policies. 
"Companies are increasingly affected by intrusion, information theft and tampering by hackers. Business interruptions and cybercrime rank as the greatest threats to companies in 2018 and beyond. Statet 1,911 risk experts from 80 countries in the Allianz Risk Barometer 2018. 

Cyber incidents cause the greatest fear for business interruptions, according to the survey, and that has never been the case before now. Business interruptions are also the main cause of financial losses for companies after cyber incidents, which increase due to hacker attacks, via for example ransomware, but more often due to technical errors and errors caused by employees.

Cyber incidents were reported to be the second most important business risk. 40% responded that it was most important for their business. Five years ago, cyber risks ranked 15th in the survey.”  Source: Risk & Insurance newsletter 22.01.18

We offer tools to map your cyber risks and insurance solutions that provide financial protection for your own costs and damages due to hacker attacks, virus attacks, and employee mistakes and/or sabotage.

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