Airport liability

This insurance solution applies to airports, whether they are publicly or privately owned.

Our insurance solution covers any injury that occurs to people or damage to materials that are within the airport perimeter. The definition of an airport is that it is used for commercial aviation. Even unstaffed and private airports are categorized in Sweden as airports 

If the airport can be held liable for any injury/damage or accidents, your insurance will come into effect. For example, if a person slips, falls and breaks a leg because of a wet floor.

Our insurance is valid for incidents at airports and/or airfields in Scandinavia. If you have any special requests that go beyond that, e.g. terrorist attacks, hijacking or natural disasters, we are prepared to have an in-depth discussion with you about it. If you also want to insure terminals, other buildings, runways and control towers, we can find good solutions for those as well. 

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