Drone insurance

Adekvat Försäkring has, in cooperation with the insurance agency RiskPoint A/S, developed a complete insurance offer for commercial drone aviation companies. The insurance policies offered are aviation liability, and hull insurance for damage to the drone itself, as well as to attached equipment such as cameras and other technical equipment. 

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Have you sustained some damage?

Aviation liability insurance 

Drone <30kg
Insurance amount

750 000 SDR*


1 656 SEK


1 500 SEK

Drone <30kg
Insurance amount

1 500 000 SDR*


2 139 SEK


1 500 SEK

Drone >30kg
Insurance amount



Manual calculation



Liability insurance is taken out for the number of drones that you can fly at one time. A liability insurance for a pilot with one or more drones, two liability insurance policies for two pilots with two drones or more and so on.

NOTE! The premiums above are discounted by 15% if you are or become a member of UAS Sweden, www.uassweden.org
The insurance is adapted to the requirements of the Swedish Transport Agency's regulatory framework for commercial activities with drones and includes in the basic option compensation of SDR 750,000 in accordance with EC 785/2004. The insurance applies per pilot and costs SEK 1,656 per year, the excess SEK is 1,500. You can increase the insurance amount up to SDR 1,500,000 as needed.
*) SDR - Special Drawing Rights

Hull insurance

The price of hull insurance is calculated on a number of parameters, for example, insurance value, experience, etc.
Members of UAS Sweden receive a 15% discount on hull insurance.

Apply for insurance here and we will get back to you with a quote soon.

Hull insurance covers damage to the drone itself during flight, during transportation to and from the flight site and storage within the Nordic region. The insurance also includes spare parts. Hull insurance can only be taken out in combination with Aviation liability insurance.

Attached equipment

The price for attachment equipment is calculated on a percentage basis between 1.5% and 5% of the value.
Apply for insurance here and we will get back to you with a quote soon.
Insurance for "hanging cargo" e.g. camera equipment, measuring instruments or other technical equipment. In the same way as for hull insurance. attached equipment insurance can only be taken out in combination with Aviation liability insurance and hull insurance.

Some unique benefits with our insurance.

•    Applicable in all the Nordic countries, can be extended to the rest of Europe.
•    Invasion of privacy, e.g. such as violation by accidentally photographing or filming someone.
•    Noise liability, e.g. startling animals that bolt and damage things or injure people.
•    Cyber, e.g. If someone hacks your PC/computer and changes the conditions for the flight.
•    War liability, e.g. somebody takes over and takes control of your drone causing damage to property or a person as a result.
•    Spare parts are automatically included up to SEK 10,000.
•    The insurance amount for hull insurance applies with the so-called agreed value, i.e. we do not apply any age depreciation.
•    Can be extended with a supplement for flying in the dark.
•    Can be extended with "Hull war", damage to the drone itself eg. cybercrime, interruptions, criminal damage, terrorism.

Specific terms & conditions

•    The UAS must be airworthy at the start of every flight.
•    The UAS may only be used during daylight hours and only in line of sight. (An addition for flying in the dark is available)
•    The insuree must, after each flight, maintain logbooks and other documents and be able to present them to the insurer on request.
•    The UAS must not weigh more than 30 kg.
•    All UAS devices with the built-in function "Return to Home" must always have it set to "on".
•    Further terms and conditions apply in accordance with RiskPoints main terms and conditions.

General terms & conditions

Terms & Conditions - 82 UAS - Adekvat

In the event of damage

In the event of damage, a claims report is submitted either on a claims form or via RiskPoints website.

Claims form - Drone (send to aviation@riskpoint.eu)

Make a claim online

Should any questions arise please feel free to contact us.

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