Here's how an assignment works at Adekvat


Adekvat Försäkring is an independent insurance company and we act on behalf of our customers. We are quite simply our customers' independent insurance purchaser.


We never take an assignment for granted because trust is something that must be earned. With our strong commitment and knowledge, we contribute to our clients’ operations working as smoothly as possible.

Assignment contract

Between us and our customers, a contract is set up that clearly defines the service we will deliver and what the customer is required to do so that we can fulfill our commitment. The contract is also linked, if applicable, to a broker proxy.

Account team

We appoint a suitable account team for every customer. The composition of the team depends on the size of the customer and the scope of the assignment. The team consists of the right composition of expertise both internally and, where necessary, with external consultants.

Our way of working

Needs analysis

We always start our assignments with a thorough analysis of an operation’s risk exposure and information obtained from the customer and the insurer regarding damage/injury statistics, valuations, technical information and a complete picture is created by all the insurance interests.

Continuous assessment

We make ongoing requests for tenders to relevant potential insurers and the usual interval is every three years. 

Quotation analysis and comparison of terms and conditions

When the tenders are received from the insurance companies asked, we perform a transparent tender analysis where we report on differences in tenders as well as comparisons between premium and terms and conditions.


We place the insurance policies in the insurance company chosen by the customer in consultation with us.

Personal and professional monitoring of insurance policies

We know that our customers' operations are constantly changing, which means that insurance needs will always be adjusted and monitored.

Insurance service

We provide our customers with service, regardless of what the issue is about within insurance. In addition to the ongoing insurance management, we provide assistance in the event of injury or damage, provide injury prevention advice and information about changes in insurance terms and conditions and new products.

We help our customers to purchase insurance from all insurance companies, national and international, to the right extent and price.