We can offer you complete insurance for all types of gliders (including gliders with engines, and we can also offer insurance for trailers)

As you know, weather conditions play a major role in your gliding and this, together with the challenge of landing and possible stopovers, places specific demands on insurance with optimal coverage.

We can offer you complete insurance for all types of gliders including gliders with engines. We have a lot of experience with insurance for gliders and we are interested in hearing all the details of your glider, e.g. type, make, registration mark, year, number of passengers, etc., to create a good and comprehensive solution.

We will also need to know the glider’s home base, which geographical area it is used in and some other details. Our goal is to match your insurance with your area of use and your experience and create a tailor-made solution just for you.

In addition to the statutory liability insurance required, we offer a hull insurance that covers your entire glider and an accident insurance for pilots. You can also cover your trailer, start winch or towing as required. Insurance policies are valid throughout Europe. 

The prerequisite for issuing an insurance for a glider is that your glider is registered and of an approved type. For all our customers, we offer a bonus for aviation without damage or injury and as an introductory offer you will receive a special bonus in the first year on your hull insurance premium.

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