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We insure all types of ultralight aircraft, including autogiros, hang-gliders and trikes.

Ultralight aicraft, also called UL aircraft, are aircraft with fixed wings with a maximum take off weight of between 450 and 500 kg. There are no international standards for UL aircraft but according to the usual European standard there is a maximum of 2 seats. The most common engines have traditionally been 2-stroke engines between 40 and 65 HP, but the newer models have been built with 4-stroke engines at between 60 and 100 HP. A UL certificate is required to fly them.

There has been a major development within UL aircraft in recent years and this type of aviation has become increasingly popular. In order to offer you a tailor-made insurance solution, we want to know details about your pattern of use. Aircraft type, make, registration mark, year, number of passengers etc. is information we need to obtain. We will also need to know the aircraft’s home base, which geographical area it is used in and some other details.

In addition to the statutory liability insurance, we offer a hull insurance that covers your entire UL aircraft, and accident insurance for pilot and passengers. Based on your information, we compile a customized solution, in which we include all relevant information. For example, if you store your aircraft on the ground for long periods, we will take that into account when we calculate your insurance premium.
We also look at how many flying hours you have, with or without damage/injury. The aim is to find the best insurance solution for you and your aircraft.

A prerequisite for this kind of insurance, which applies to use throughout Europe, is that your UL aircraft is registered and of an approved type. For all our customers, we offer a bonus for aviation without damage or injury and as an introductory offer you will receive a special bonus in the first year on your hull insurance premium. 

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