Adekvat's CEO & liability insurance

The demands on business executives are becoming increasingly extensive and also for privately owned companies, the risk of a board member personally being held responsible for incorrect management decisions increases. The requirements can come from a number of stakeholders such as shareholders, customers, lenders and competitors and are based on a number of harmful acts, such as deficiencies in financial reporting, violations of government regulations and personnel management.

Adequate CEO & Board Liability Insurance offers a protection that protects the interests of the business leaders in the event of a time-consuming and costly injury process.

The insurance provides protection for events that have arisen through incorrect actions in the service, such as:

  • Neglect that causes the company or people outside the company harm
  • Violation of management assignments
  • Maladministration
  • Injustice or negligence in providing financial information
  • Misrepresentation
  • Bankruptcy or insolvency situations
  • Offense against government regulations
  • Incorrect handling of personnel

Adekvat CEO & Board Liability Insurance ™ is designed specifically for Adequat's customers with one of the market's widest terms and most competitive premiums. Below you will find more information about the product.