Risk management

In the business area, we work with our customers to identify, prevent and limit risks in our customers operations.
In short, the area includes the following services:

Risk inspections
•    Establishment of technical insurance information such as business descriptions, risk mapping, proteced technical installations and major damage assessments, including interruptions.
•    Recommendation reports
•    Reports describing possible risks and shortcomings in the business, as well as a recommendation for how these can be remedied.

Business Continuity
•    Overall identification and quantification of events that could harm the business.
•    Crisis Management
•    Structured and sturdy tools to use when a crisis happens.

Disaster Recovery
•    Structured way of using the plans made in the Business Continuity process to get business critical systems and services back to normal as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about the business area, please contact:

Åke Hjertqvist

(Risk inspections or recommendation reports)

Fire Protection

Phone: 0470 - 70 40 50

Mobile phone: 070 - 721 42 18

E-mail: rm@adekvatforsakring.se

Christer Sunesson

(Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Disaster Recovery)

Risk Manager

Phone: 0470 - 704050

Mobile phone: 070 - 511 64 00

E-mail: rm@adekvatforsakring.se