Hot air balloons

We offer hot air balloon insurance for all approved types of hot air and gas balloons.

As a form of air transport, your hot air balloon is especially sensitive to wind, turbulence, thermals and rainfall - and use is often seasonal. Whether you are flying alone or with passengers, we want to help you to have the optimal hot air balloon insurance. So regardless of size, class and shape, we can offer you just the coverage you want for your hot air balloon.

In addition to statutory liability insurance, you can choose to insure the balloon, basket and burner together or separately.  In order to offer you a tailor-made insurance solution for your specific needs, we want to know some details about your hot air balloon, such as the model you fly, year, size and price range, as well as how long you have been flying and the balloon's maximum take off weight.

As the owner of a hot air balloon you are responsible for potential damage/injury caused by the hot air balloon to third parties and for self-inflicted damage. Responsibility applies both to injury to people and to damage to property outside the hot air balloon. Together we review your usage pattern and find a solution that suits just you. For example, if you store your hot air balloon on the ground for longer periods, we will take that into account. 

A prerequisite for this kind of insurance, which applies to use throughout Europe, is that your hot air balloon is registered and of an approved type.

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