Social commitment

Social responsibility and commitment have always been important to us at Adekvat and we have supported various organizations over the years, mainly that focus on children and youngsters.

Växjö Charity is a charity project that we at Adekvat started in 2017 together with two other companies in Växjö. The purpose of Växjö Charity is to gather the private sector in the region once a year to play golf and paddle, network and have a nice gala evening with entertainment and to collect as much money as possible for charity purposes. 31 August 2017 was the world premiere of Växjö Charity and we managed to collect a total of SEK 500,000 SEK (!) which was donated to Elin Cederbrant’s charity foundationDen Together Against Diabetes, We are incredibly happy and proud to be a part of this project and we would like to warmly thank our co-organizers and all the ther companies and people who have made this possible.

Read more about our charity project, Växjö Charity here.

Fredrik Ottosson
VD - Adekvat Försäkring AB


In previous years we have supported, among others, the following organizations

2016 - T.A.D - Together Against Diabetes

This year we are supporting the fight against type 1 diabetes. Together Against Diabetes was started by Elin, only 17 years old.
She started Together Against Diabetes to try to make a change and make a difference, spread knowledge and information about type 1 diabetes and help raise more money for research

2015 - Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund

This year we have made a joint decision to support the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund. We have therefore refrained from buying from Christmas gifts and instead donated a contribution to them.

2014 - Ride of Hope

2013 - My Special Day

My Special Day (Min Stora Dag) is a Swedish non-profit, NGO that helps severely sick children to realize their dreams. Every year hundreds of children in Sweden become sick with severe life-changing, and often, life-threatening illnesses. The goal of My Special Day is to give these children something wonderful to dream about when the days are long and the treatment is tough. We support My Special Day so that they can continue to fulfill the dreams of sick children. 
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