Groups & Organizations

Are you a member of any organization and already a customer with us?

As a member of any of the organizations in the list (“MEMBERS’ PAGES) at the top right of the homepage, you are offered custom insurance solutions. Click on the organization you belong to and read more about the insurance policies available to you as a member.

If you represent any organization, corporate chain or interest organization and are curious about insurance for your members?

We offer relationship-enhancing and value-added insurance solutions for the members of our partner organizations. Adekvat is an insurance specialist, a difficult area both for organizations and individuals. Together with the membership organization we procure various package solutions, but also individually tailored insurance policies. This may mean that multiple products from several companies are included, but service and administration are handled by us. We also help with interpretation of terms and conditions and damage/injury.

All service on one phone number - it is easier that way.

We are an independent insurance intermediary that works on your assignment and always does what is best for the members.

Insurance policies for companies or individuals

Associations and other interest organizations that organize individual members can purchase favourable insurance policies through Adekvat. The insurance policies can be offered free to members via a custom web portal or included in the membership fee. Sometimes free insurance is used as an introductory offer for new members for a limited period.

Some of the organizations that are affiliated with us have small and medium-sized companies as customers. With the right insurance solutions, we support members’ responsibilities for the company’s and employees' finances. We create solutions for various trades and industries that should suit both sole proprietors and companies with many employees. Sometimes we study the risks at the site of individual companies in order to achieve completely customized solutions, but more commonly a uniform solution for the majority in, for example, an association. We also undertake to develop various types of injury and damage prevention programmes for members and to inform in e.g. membership newspapers, social media, digital newsletters, etc.