PLUS various benefit categories

 Fuel & Accessories

How many kilometres do you drive at work? Up to SEK 0.85 discount per litre of fuel can make a big difference. Here are favourable contract discounts on fuel (petrol, diesel, etc.) and accessories (e.g. lubricants).

Telephony & Accessories

Beneficial discounts on the company’s communication needs. Through our contracts you get discounts on, among other things, telephony, broadband, mobile phones and accessories, subscriptions, exchange services, etc.


Many small purchases can be expensive in the end. Through our office contracts, you as a customer get a really good discount on everything that keeps your office going. Paperclips, paper, coffee, office furniture, toner... Combine your purchases and save lots of money!


It does not hurt to make the trip to your customers, suppliers, etc. cheaper for your business. As an entrepreneur, you probably make many trips both in and out of Sweden. Here you can find discounts at some of the largest travel agencies, airlines, car hire companies and with the major hotel chains.

Accounting & HR

Here you can find discounts on products such as work clothes but also on services such as invoicing assistance, staffing assistance, payment systems, insurance policies, etc.

IT, Computers & Printers

Streamline your business through good solutions. You get discounts on machines, IT, electronics, website, domain name and similar services.

Delivery & Shipping

Beneficial contracts regarding delivery and shipping options at both national and international level.


Drinks & Fruit

Save money on your purchases of drinks and fruit for the company. Discounts on hot and cold drinks as well as fruit deliveries.


Glasses & Contact Lenses

Discounts on glasses and contact lenses for company employees. Both for business and private use.


Printing & Profile

Order printed and profile materials with large discounts.