Motorized aviation (commercial)

This insurance is for those who fly in a professional context and the pilot has at least one valid certificate for the assignment.

You can take out our aviation insurance for aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) under 12 tonnes and with fewer than 30 seats. By professional context, we mean tours, advertising, towing, school and taxi operations, displays, medical care, parachute jumping, spraying, etc. 

Before the insurance policy is concluded, we will review your conditions for the area of use, such as the aircraft type, make, registration number, model year, number of passengers and so on. We will also document your home base, which geographic areas the aircraft operates over and the number of flying hours and periods the aircraft is on the ground. 

Your personal data will also be reviewed, such as your number of flying hours, how long you have been flying and any injury/damage statistics. By reviewing all these details, we will be able to optimize your insurance solution to suit just your needs. 

The insurance applies throughout Europe and may be extended to apply all over the world. It is also possible to take out insurance for aircraft that are registered in another EU country and for N registered aircraft, i.e. those registered in the USA.

For all our customers, we offer a bonus for aviation without damage or injury and as an introductory offer you will receive a special bonus in the first year on your hull insurance premium. 

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